Thursday, August 05, 2010

Current Concerns

First and foremost, of course, there is my pregnancy and delivery. I am looking to attempt VBAC to save money and save myself from surgery but I am anxious over complications, the fear of labor, etc. It's just great that hubs really listens when I wonder out loud and that he's assured me he's fully supportive of what I, in the end, decide to do. I feel though that I might not forgive myself if I fail and we end up with complications and a higher hospital bill. Plus, I am scared of complications to my child the most... never mind me (although how i'd take care of two kids if I'm compromised beats me).

Then there is the christening thing, which has started to stress and excite me. Of course, a succesful VBAC would mean we could use the savings for the baptism already and not use Pappie's Christmas bonus. Having the christening with Yamee's birthday would be more practical but since we plan to go fly to Marinduque in the summer again, we also know we wouldn't be at ease with Yamee un-christened.

And there's the looking for the house thing. We still don't have the means (at least, for something we'd really like) but it's really time to do so. We're never going to be more or less ready.

There's also the homeschooling thing, which is basically Yakee's education. I don't plan to enrol him with any institution yet but I do plan to have him attend regular classes of some sort (preferably, musical, physical or artistic) for social interaction. That will still amount to expenses too.

But I can't really say that we have money problems... just that, things we like and plan require money. Things we like and plan, meaning, if we were ready to settle, then we need not worry so much.

But hey, you don't grow if you don't go for what you want and deserve. A lot in the future will require more sacrifice but they are sure to be worth our while, as well.

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