Thursday, August 12, 2010

On His Own

We co-sleep.

But starting last night, I should say, we co-slept.

Yup, Yakee slept on his own bed alone for the first time last night. I had to lie down beside him till he fell asleep but he basically just slept through the night, only waking up a little at 5 AM and whimpered for Mommy. As I was awake too, I did lie down beside him again for a while. But that's it.

No fuss. No fanfare. No tears. No bribing necessary.

I'm not sure if it helped him see and play on the mattress before we actually set it up on the floor near our bed... or that he's just really ready for this... but it was a blessed night indeed.

Pappie was more sentimental than I was last night. I guess because I was more worried about Yakee acting up and how i'd pacify him about not being kicked out of our bed.

But the Mommy in me itched to be wrapping blankets around him all night, so I'd wake up at odd times too just to look at him.

He did get Pappie's hotdog pillow when he has a Buzz lightyear hotdog pillow. Maybe it's Pappie's scent in the pillow, I dunno. It's not like he asked for it much when he was still sleeping with us.

And I did give him the boomerang pillow because it was bought for breastfeeding him anyway... and its size should make him feel more secure.

I know there'd be nights he might act up. But we're blessed this was as smooth as his weaning. Potty training na lang talaga!!!


He did ask for a small light last night so we transferred the night light where it'd give him more light. And he was so happy jumping on his bed for a while, so delighted it's his bed, so delighted to have his own blankets and pillows.


It's the first night he slept without a parent beside him. Big boy na talaga!

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