Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Business and Investments

Over the weekend, we heard BIL talking about the challenges they're dealing with in their canteen business. They were affected by the on-the-job training period and semester break of their usual patrons from the nearby college. And with all our cars breaking down at almost the same time, we really couldn't help but talk about business car insurance and local business insurance rates.

We tackled what business ideas are good, which products are sure to have a market and how to protect our assets and investments. The scramble business seems to be on of the more lucrative ones right now, since it's an old Filipino comfort food only found in the streets before. At least now, people feel safe about sampling it again because it's now sold in malls and they need not worry about contaminated water. So yes, the return on investments (ROI) for that particular business seems good, but we're not sure about its longevity.

Still, I think it's far easier to estabish businesses here than abroad, where you really have to secure so many permits and be cleared for so many things. Plus, it's easier to shut you down there, which is why a lot of people are probably Googling " business insurance" to make sure their investments are protected.

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