Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yakee's 3rd Birthday Celebration

This is long overdue. Anyway, October 06 ended with both Pappie and I allergy-ridden so we weren't really in a party mood come October 07. But I had ordered food to feed my former colleagues with plus I needed to fill up a form to withdraw funds at our coop so I had to go to PPA with Yakee and my cousin, despite the rashes on my face and still slightly puffed eyes.

Yakee delighted over a gift of toy motorcycle. We had pancit, pichi-pichi and puto from Amber's while a friend bought ice cream

Pappie stayed home 'coz he wasn't feeling well, and I just bought a small choco cherry torte cake from Goldilocks for Yakee's candle-blowing thingie

Yakee with Ninang Gang, who watched him play with Barbie at SM Manila's Toy Kingdom while I shopped for new bras before we bought his cake.

Yakee, only too happy to blow out the candles (we reused the candles from my birthday cake, that's why they're pink, hehe).

Happier with a cherry!

Now, October 08 was when the biting incident happened. I lacked redirection skills and was short-tempered with my discipline when Yakee refused to listen so I started packing the chairs he was playing with. He got super upset and attacked me, and latched onto my stomach and bit hard... and refused to let go. I screamed and cried for hours after. I spanked him once but just put him on timeout then later locked myself in our bedroom. I was really very miserable about the bite.

Pappie went home bearing gifts though and asked if he could give them to Yakee. I said to go ahead since the biting was not related to his birthday anyway.

There were two gifts and we only let him open one and saved the other one for the weekend.

of course he was a happy boy with his fire truck!

The celebration with his cousins happened last Saturday, October 09. After much hemming and hawing, we agreed to just gather everyone at Manila Ocean Park and treat the kids to fishes.

Yakee with my brother's family

he and Lianne can really be siblings, no?

see, I'm all still puffy here, with cousin and MIL

with Ninang again

the goofy parents

such a crazy boy juxtaposed with beautiful Ninang Ira and cousin Iya

with Ice enjoying the sharks

yup, he kinda can't pose without that V sign near his eyes

told you!

poor Yakee was already dead tired for the sea lion show, but he still managed to clap and clap and shout 'Bravo' many times

Yakee slept all the way to Las Pinas where the Arevalo clan was spending the weekend so he was really refreshed while opening gifts. It was lovely to see hubs and his siblings competing to see which gift Yakee would love best. Pappie's other gift turned out to be a chef set (because when Yakee tries joining the girls when they're 'cooking,' Yakee is always shunned and told that he's a boy and can't play with them) which couldn't really compete with BIL's gift of toy truck, MIL's gift of model plane (and trucks) and the Toy Story set from Shell.

The next day was the final celebration. See, it's also BIL's 16th birthday so MIL ordered food from CCME and we had another candle-blowing thingie with a Toy Story cake.

So yeah, it was a really super exhausting week.

And Yakee's loot was pretty substantial... enough for me to worry about space again. Haha.

with the Toy Story stuff from Shell

a truck that can be manipulated to look different (plus, it didn't require batteries and can be thrown and not break

fire truck from Pappie

chef set from Pappie, apron and kitchen gloves from Ninang Ira

5 pyjama bottoms and 8 pyjama tops (Carter's) from Ninang Ira

But the most important thing of all was we knew he felt loved during this time and we really celebrate that he's a healthy, happy boy (allergic rhinitis notwithstanding).

Thank God... and thanks to everyone else who love our son for blessing him that way. It's been a greatly difficult and infinitely rewarding three years with Yakee.

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