Monday, October 11, 2010

What to Give for Christmas?

It rained gifts for our darling son over the weekend, enough that I had to worry again about space in our home for all his new stuff.

And then I got to thinking how blessed we were to have so many people dote on him and I couldn't help but wonder what to give them for Christmas.

First in mind is custom tshirts for all the kids, or for everyone. I have already toyed with the idea of having the Arevalo insignia printed on shirts we could all wear, but as my sister-in-law is technically not an Arevalo anymore, that might not sit well with her hubby. Maybe we could also have statement shirts done instead, mostly about our hearty appetites. I have also wanted to give the girls in the family brag bangles but the supplier I know has stopped making them. I'd also love to give them all Infinitude tops but that would cost me at least P15,000.

I am pretty sure the men in the family would appreciate coupon codes for Dell for computer upgrades they desire but it's not something we can really afford after just spending for a delivery. Then again, maybe haven't checked the right websites.

Anyway, at least the hubby and I already know what we are getting for ourselves this Christmas: another affordable health insurance. He is actually scheduling an appointment for the medical check-up already, just so we can establish which insurance we can avail. Plus, he is trying to beat his brithday to avail of lower premiums. He said, at least this way, we are sure we're investing our money on something our family can really benefit from. Plus, the insurance, once we get it, can be used as collateral when we apply for a housing loan.

What about you, what do you intend to give loved ones this Christmas?

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