Sunday, October 17, 2010

Church Attendance Woes

Hubs and I weren't really churchgoers as husband and wife. We just suddenly started being more religious about going to Mass on Sundays this year. And so far, so good.

Unfortunately, we're having a lot of Yakee problems. We really can't leave him behind on Sundays as there's nobody to leave him with. Plus, we of course want to raise him knowing how to behave in Church. Unfortunately, he seldom behaves. And sometimes, he's outright naughty. Or he actually throws tantrums.

No amount of preparing him via calm talks beforehand could make him listen when we remind him it's time for praying. Not even the incentive of fish balls or pancakes could get him to sit or stand still. And with other kids being let loose by their folks to play, our son gets drawn to creating more noise and becoming more hyper. More than once, i have had to really pinch him some just so he'd pause for a while.

One strategy I know is to bring him home even if we just got somewhere. But it's Mass. I really don't want to be attending it without hubs and vice versa, especially now that I'm pregnant.

Sigh. At least Yakee loves putting money in the collection basket, but it's really becoming more and more of a struggle as he gets older. And I fear, once Yamee comes along, he'd be more of a handful.

I just hope the few Sundays I won't be attending Church with them will teach him about behaving. I have already told hubs not to take him the next time if he fails to behave. Hubs is skeptical as he'd be leaving me with both kids, but I reasoned that Yakee likes going out and would feel deprived somehow, if only of his usual fare of fishballs and pancakes.

And yet our son knows how to pray and iterate what he's thankful for that day during his bedtime prayers. Hay!!!

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Jacque said...

simone naman is hyper din. i'd always have to attend two services just so i could listen attentively sa preaching ng pastor namin. hahaha.

im sure he'll behave...someday. hehe