Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Supportive Hubby and Son

Mommy is bent on squeezing some social activities in her life before she is put on house arrest after Yamee is born. Hubby and son have been supportive, with hubby missing jogs and gimiks just to fetch Mommy from an event... and Yakee behaving well. A mom like me is just really so blessed :)

at a late dinner at 1521 with Laya's brood

Yakee with Oona, who looks more like his twin than a future gf, haha

An unfed Olly didn't appreciate Pappie's softness at first

But later on, she could have been Pappie's daughter/Yakee's sibling too

Awww... can't wait for pics of Yakee with Yamee

and this at a birthday party held in Shakey's

Pappie joining a parlor game

me with some of the N@Wie/Plurk Moms

us Moms could be related no? nyahaha

Later, we'd be heading to Lipa to visit some of my deceased loved ones then going back here to Las Pinas. The only thing left in my calendar is a reunion with Grade 5 classmates on November 6. I hope I make it.

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geWi said...

lol! yun din sasabihin ko eh, magkakamukha kayo!