Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Admission Day

5:00 PM

Currently alone in my room in the OB ward of Asian Hospital. Hubs has gone to Filinvest Mall for a while to dispute charges by his cellphone provider. I have already filled up the Philhealth form and I really need to pee soon.
I was super stressed earlier.

I woke up cramping, having to wake up the hubby and son to get help with my right leg. Yakee mistakenly thought his father was hurting me and kept pleading him to stop. Talk about sweet. Then I felt the need to pee (story of a pregnant woman’s life) and got up, noticed the battery I was charging was fully charged already and unplugged it. Weirdly enough, some charge must have sparked the other plug and there was a popping sound and our lamp’s cable split off from the plug. Hubby was stressed and asked me to stop touching things. Hehe.

They then went to buy me breakfast meal from Jollibee while I ate champorado. Then we ate breakfast together then later on, we ate an early lunch. We did squeeze in some last minute packing as well and kept conditioning Yakee to being left with his grandma.

Heavy rains accompanied most of our trip to Las Pinas where we’re leaving Yakee and our darling son kept jumping in the backseat, much to my dismay. I was already feeling tired and superstitious so I got really cross that Yakee wouldn’t settle down. He did end up sleeping beside me five minutes before we got to his grandma’s house, which resulted in tantrums when we tried putting him back to sleep.

Then, it was a hard goodbye. I was so tired already and anxious about traffic, plus, I didn’t want to project my fears and anxieties onto my son so I was cool saying goodbye, but Pappie couldn’t let go. I guess, in a way, it was a blessing in disguise that Globe pissed him off so he forgot about leaving Yakee behind.

Admission at Asian was smooth, however, and here I am. Wifi signal sucks and I can’t figure out how to work our Sun wireless. SIL is still trying to guess Yamee’s real name... her guess of Yohan Miguel is a nice name though :)

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