Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My Mom's Possible Business Venture

My mom currently works as a caregiver in a home care in Detroit. She has found business partners and they are now currently hoping to buy their own house so they can start their own home care business. I wouldn't be surprised if she asks me to get her uniforms for them so they would look more professional. Maybe, some of those scrub pants at least since they have to do a lot of squatting and kneeling as they take care of the elders in their care.

But I am worried. It's snowing so much in Detroit and who knows how much more terrible the winters there will get. Having your own house will mean maintenance and repair cost in the face of all that snow, as well as heating costs. And people there might leave for warmer states too. So, how can business be good for them if they will also have problem getting supplies and incurring expenses even before they earn?

I was encouraging my Mom to train as a nursing assistant (and wear nursing scrubs instead) but she says she could be assigned in places that are far-flung and will involve getting stuck in snow.


All this sacrifice to help my sister build a life for herself in the US.

I have no doubt my mom is a good caregiver but I also really wish I can be more supportive of her possible business venture. Then again, it is really very brave of her which makes me proud.

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