Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Breastfeeding Support Group

Truth be told, it's a bigger hassle getting everyone out the door in time for my talk... and many times, I wished hubs would just simply agree to hold down the fort while I do my thing instead of all of them tagging along.

Still, I loved they were there and almost always, we usually survive such outings. Pappie wasn't too happy getting barfed at the week before, but we survived it. And Pappie was babywearing the whole time I was giving the talk... and I just know he's a little proud of himself for being this involved with the kids. Thank goodness our son didn't put up a fight when the garlic bread we promised him was claimed by another boy for himself. Hehe.

These boys are my breastfeeding support group. Yamee seems to be nursing more these days but he's also biting me a third of the time so I put him/my girls on timeout.

Yamee fell off the sofa bed and hit his forehead. Yakee missed school due to fever. Typical, typical day with the boys.

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