Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sons, Will You Talk to Us?

Presently, I am already struggling getting our eldest to come to me first and ask whether he can touch something, play with something, go somewhere. I am guessing there's some lines we haven't really discussed so asking permission seems beyond him.

But... I like to think that he comes to us with his questions. I do shoot those down, sometimes, when he asks them in the middle of misbehaving or outright disobedience. Like during meal times or when playing with his brother. It is so very important that they ask us all the questions they come up with because I want them to learn the truth from us, not myths from friends. Even if truth hurts or it's horrible. I want them to learn it from us. I want them forewarned and forearmed.

But... there will come a time, I know, when they would rather go to their friends. Maybe even have long, drawn-out discussions and still come up with nothing over the simplest things, like styling one's hair, and really critical issues, like joining fraternities and how to sleep with a girl. It may be wishful thinking for me to hope that they will also get their father's take on such matters... or that I'd really be the cool mom that even their friends will go to, for a woman's perspective on things.

Given our relationship with them right now, and how we parent them, I really wonder: Sons, will you talk to us? Not just with the important stuff, but also the mundane ones? Because you see, if you cannot talk to us about the mundane and senseless, I doubt you'd come to us too when it really matters. And you matter, so everything about you, at whatever space and time, matters.

Well, maybe not everything. Hehe. Your Pappie, for one, isn't interested in the quality of your poop.

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