Thursday, August 04, 2011

Family Day of Contests That Weren't

Last Saturday, July 30, was spent on contests that weren't, with the kids in tow.

First was me joining the Horcrux Hunt at Fully Booked at the Fort. Unfortunately, I didn't get to answer right in the Book Geek test (I was embarassing at the Horcrux Hunt... didn't have any idea what the code name of the host for Potterwatch was. Turned out I was just intimidated because I knew ONE codename and had I answered "River" for Lee Jordan, i'd have been right).

So, we just ate at Krispy Kreme (because Yakee was 'so hungry') after.

We then went to Power Plant Mall for a supposedly parent-child building contest. Unfortunately, no other team wanted to join. Most parents just let their child construct to humor them. That didn't stop darling hubby from attempting a pagoda, however, in that sea of kids. He got so intent with his handywork that he didn't notice that he must have been kneeling on a brick and his knee was already bleeding.

After our failed attempts at celebrity and grandeur (because it wasn't really for the kids), we carted our kiddos to Batangus.

We had to wait outside and let Yakee sleep some more

Yamee tried playing with the steering wheel while Pappie bought fried chicken for Kuya

our kids enjoying the fried chicken... we allowed Yamee to gnaw on a bone

and I guess you could say, Pappie and I enjoyed our dinner very much

It wasn't so tiring a day... and we all had fun and bonded. It's just really bittersweet to realize our boys are growing up so fast... and yet, we can't wait to be doing so many otehr things with them.

Thank God for the means to enjoy each other :)

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