Monday, October 17, 2011

Season for Shopping, but Not for Us

Last weekend, traffic jams all over Manila were not the result of rain at all but of sales going on in all major malls, even schools, in the metropolis.

And believe me, people bought stuff in sackfuls. You'd even wonder where they are getting the money since we're all suppposedly bearing the crunch of inflated prices.

But I guess, it is the season for shopping. So, it is the season of sales. I am pretty sure that one can already Google bazaar schedules and come up with at least five happening at the same time every weekend. Parents are particularly awaiting the Richwell sale, the Lego sale and I am hoping to finally check out the St. James/Cuenca bazaar over in Alabang.

I know that there really isn't Thanksgiving here in the country but that will also not stop people from taking advantage of cyber monday deals and filling up their P.O. Box purchases with goodies. I'm even sure sites like Amazon, Target and Dealio would have extra people coming in just to process all incoming orders.

SM's Baby and Company is on sale all throughout October. Toys R' Us at Robinsons Galleria is also on sale the whole month while Tiendesitas outlet stores are on sale from October 14-22. I am guessing, no child of people we know will be empty-handed come Christmastime...

On the other hand, I am really not in the mood to shop because of that fact. People we know are generally blessed. What do you give to a child who generally gets what he wants, anyway? So, I am trying to work out something that will make Christmas more meaningful for our kids. And I doubt we'd be buying new toys for them since we're likely to get some as gifts, anyway.

My boys are part of those who are blessed witrh abundance... thank God. So, might as well teach them about giving and sharing instead.

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