Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arevalos Had Fun in Guimaras

In all honesty, when hubby booked the trip last year, I was really flummoxed as to what possessed him to do so. What could we possibly do in Iloilo and Bacolod, right?

Ah well, good thing internet saved me and got me looking forward actually to our trip. But I was really surprised at the fun that we had. We had my mother-in-law and cousin tag along as a treat for all the love they shower upon our sons.

The night before our trip though, Yakee was lethargic and had a fever, and there was some sort of crisis at Pappie's work. Yakee fully recovered (after barfing that night) but hubby would spend our first day in Guimaras on the phone, much to my resentful displeasure (yes, I am piling on the negatives). I didn't pick a fight (yey), I just told him he has to make up to the kids. And that... he did.

Anyway, first leg of our Western Visayas trip is Guimaras. Ortiz Wharf is almost an hour away from the Iloilo airport, ferry to Jordan Wharf is 20 minutes and then it's almost an hour again to Raymen Beach Resort where we were staying. It was past 5 pm but our sons couldn't be denied their sand time... so off they enjoyed.

Yakee counted the days till he could ride a pump boat (since we couldn't ride away with the Logos Hope)

yep... as doting, enabling parents, we brought the stacking cups and shovels just for this

both kids didn't nap but had energy for this

Pappie on a conference call

too cute, right?

he'd later get upset when the water washes the sand off him

ever since he saw me put a flower he gave me behind my ear like that, he's been 'wearing' flowers this way too :D

Food at Raymen was good to great. That night was also the first night Yakee slept beside someone else (with my cousin and MIL) because he has always slept with us, or alone on his bed.

Yamee, however, had to be lulled to sleep while walking on the beach... and threw every bit of tantrum he can come up with in defiance of his disrupted routine and new environment.

The next day was jampacked with activities. We first did the island hopping tour of Guimaras sights and I delivered on my promise of fish feeding and big fishes to Yakee. I was regretful that I didn't bring the SaYa with me since there were many times I felt just holding Yamee was dangerous... and I really couldn't enjoy the island hopping as I kept worrying about the boys. Both did love the waves getting us wet inside the boat.

the boys getting wet and loving it

had to shout several times when we were at SEAFDEC because Yakee kept on following the guides even without anyone holding his hand... he's just sooo eager and independent!

he sure enjoyed feeding the fish...

while Yamee stayed safe eating biscocho at the station house

how would you feel if you know he's leaning on top of a carnivorous fish pen?

as Yakee enjoyed his time there...

we kept the little one close

real close!

I think my anxieties started rubbing off on Yakee. He was excited to join his father and explore Baras Cave but upon hearing me voice out my fear of bats... he refused to get off the boat.

Yamee, on the other hand, would not be denied

both enjoyed the other side of the cave though, swimming under the bright blue sky and in their father's arms

covering himself in sand, rocks, soil will be a recurring theme

meet the turtle

We were back at the resort around 12:30 and had lunch then had the boys take naps. After that, we went to Guisi Lighthouse and Beach.

this picture was taken while we were on top of a century-old lighthouse

with no railings

for this view (this is when I realized that Guimaras coastline seems to be varying qualities of white sand)

as in, on top of this lighthouse

the smiles here are one of gratitude... haha... that we made it back down

as Kuya explores, Yamee was perfectly happy doing this

later on, we just had to go to the beach

and enjoy each other, with the boys swimming butt naked

It was supposedly an inland tour but we took our time at Guisi and started late so we had to postpone all the other stops for the next day. That night, Yakee had nightmares (I think it was because of the giant fish and going up the lighthouse... or a mirror of my fears for him) which I first thought was his first official asthma attack. He settled back to sleep when I moved in bed with him, but he hugged my cousin (his Ninang) to sleep. He was okay the following day, albeit nursing a cold.

The following day, we did all the other stops on our way to Jordan Wharf.

the little boss squeezed in some sand time

and the boys capped our stay in Raymen by taking a bath using their deep well pump

First on my list was the zipline at Camp Alfredo. Adventurous couples, yeah?

it felt good to be doing a hanging bridge with a harness

then we went to Trappist Monastery to pray

chat with a monk (who said Yamee looked like someone he knows who is a priest)

and of course, buy goodies

then we had some mango pizza

and bought Guimaras mangoes before sailing back to Iloilo City

I'd surely love to go back... maybe tour the upper portion of Guimaras and just really let the boys enjoy the sun, sea and sand there :)

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