Monday, April 09, 2012

Not Healthier at All

After I got sick after Christmas last year (till the New Year, and my, was I such a pain for hubby and the kids that time) and finishing my Waldorf Crash Course, I had vowed to get the family on a path of healthier eating and living. I did purchase some homeopathic medicines for fever, and actually stopped myself from giving fever medications altogether most times in the 2-3 incidents that the boys got sick. I did start us on a liver warming schedule of every other night, but I seem to have dropped that habit. But all in all, I have not kicked the habit of unhealthy eating. I was already exploring the health benefits of chia seeds and testimonies about coco nectar, when I also started getting allergic reactions to food that are organic but used coco sugar. And now this... our trip to Iloilo and Bacolod has triggered the family's allergic rhinitis and shown me that Yakee's asthma is developing (in the sense that exhausting days may cause him pain, and colds will trigger coughing bouts). We have been spraying our noses with saline solution for over three weeks now, and Yakee required Budecort for nebulization just to stop the coughing. And those ampules cost over P140 each! Ouch. But more heartbreaking is the fact that we are medicating... and the swimming lessons had to be postponed till the boys are really better, lest we invite swimmer's ear into the mix (and given Yamee's personality, it would be such a hassle medicating him!). And it's not that we haven't pursued sun when we can nor that we haven't enjoyed summer's bounty of sweet, refreshing fruits. But still, we could do with more exercising (moving) and less sweets in our lives. And maybe earlier wake up time? And definitely, less meat (we have been on a ribs phase), more veggies and liver warming again!

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