Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waldorf and the Supportive Dad

At the parent introductory evening at St. Michael Playhouse, I was discussing my homeschooling plans using a Waldorf homeschooling curriculum with the coordinator of the day care since we're not yet sure if a Waldorf school will be built in the Makati area anytime soon (though some parents have been pushing for it). She asked me how supportive my husband was and I told her about how I had raised the idea of Waldorf homeschooling with my husband recently and he was all for it. I explained to Pappie that it would be a lot like unschooling since there won't be a locally-accredited institution to enrol our kids in, and that if I were to strictly follow Waldorf curriculum... our kids may be perceived as 'dumb' by others since they won't be doing much reading till age 7 or so.

As it turns out, hubs is okay with that. I asked him whether his feelings won't get hurt and he said they would, but that he knows for sure that our sons are bright so other people's perceptions of them aren't that important.

In short, he's all for raising them differently from the norm and trusts that they will still grow up fine.

Now, I'm still actually deciding between enrolling Yakee with The Master's Academy and just supplementing with some Waldorf Ed activities... or really going the distance. And we're also open to sending Yakee to a Waldorf school, should logistics allow for us to be able to do so.

It's just that I really believe in Waldorf Education and feel it is the perfect kind for our sons. I don't need to personally know students who have graduated from Waldorf schools who are excelling in their Chicago gmat course or doing environmental work in exotic places... I have been given a taste of its possibilities and I want to claim those for my sons.

I am just fortunate that Pappie is open to these things. Maybe it's because he could see the love of the nurturers at St. Michael everytime they discussed Yakee with us.


Donna said...

Isn't is wonderful when your hubby is on board? Especially when you are passionate and know it is the right thing for your family.

You can check out this website for more Waldorf homeschooling info: www.thewaldorfconnection.com


Anonymous said...

Hi Mec! I am new in Manila and I am also interested in learning more about Waldorf homeschooling. We just moved here from California, where I have been homeschooling my kids for 6 years. Maybe we can connect and share resources? My name is Roekmini and my email is Pullom@aol.com.