Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Never Letting Go

I was torn between that title and "Sink or Swim", hehe... but since I am feeling uninspired really, i'll just let it be. The point, however, is that Pappie took me on a date last Saturday to watch Titanic in 3D.

It was crazy to be watching an 11:20 PM showing of a three-hour film. My head ached from the stupid 3D glasses but I alternated between sighing and delighting as I watched my fave, fave film in the big screen again. Plus, it was a little nice to be watching a film I watched a thousand times when I was breaking up with an ex all those years ago, and hubby and I haven't even met yet. It just sorta goes to show that the best is really yet to come :)

We have a better pic with the movie poster but darling hubby hasn't sent me the pic yet. Notice our double chins here? Hehe.

And wouldn't you know it, this is the first time we watched this movie together, I believe :)  So, of course, we made it count after!

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