Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Path to More Income

I am part of a yahoogroup that has a new sub-group solely about growing one's money. It was borne of a desire by some to really start investing better (we all hated the fact that even dollar accounts would only yield a dollar or two in interest per year in the bank). After all, we're a bunch of people with some money, some skills, some connections and a lot of potential to learn. And we cannot trust insurance companies but want to be able to send our kids to college as well as build on a retirement fund.

I have not joined the group officially yet though because I cannot commit to really studying mutual funds and hedge funds and bonds and even entrepreneurship. I have yet to read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Kiyosaki and have a working knowledge of who Timothy Sykes is. Suze Orman said some things that Filipinos should work on, and I know we must be guilty of some of those bad spending habits. Oh, and I also really need to quit with the marathon sessions of Big Bang and NCIS and focus on finishing Igor Ledochowski's videos.

But the Arevalos are on a path that hopefully would allow us to generate more income and make the little savings we have work for us. Our needs and wants are growing exponentially because of all that we aspire for our sons (who are growing so fast too, I keep having to buy new clothes!). I just hope this pans out slowly but surely. It is actually very scary to take risks, however calculated, but there can also be no growth when you don't embrace those risks.

Wish us well.

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