Friday, June 29, 2012

Belated Father's Day Post

I forgot that I haven't blogged here about Father's Day... not that we celebrated it in a big way. We just went to my in-laws and bought pansit... and I allowed hubby to just sleep the afternoon off. He's been working so hard the past few weeks, sleeping little, that Yamee has taken to looking at him with the expression, "why are you here?"

That kinda breaks my heart, because it means hubs has been missing some precious bonding moments with our youngest... then again, we sort of have this silent agreement that whatever time he can spare, he use with Yakee. After all, Yamee still belongs to me (still breastfeeding and all) but Yakee is at an age where he needs a strong and ever-present father figure the most.

Lately, hubs has also been pensive... brooding... maybe even depressed. Getting the PMP certification was cool, but it raised so many questions for him, the foremost of which is... "what's next?" And I know he has our family's best interests in mind, so he may feel limited or scared (he told me, never burdened) because he is a family man.


'Gave' hubs some money he could freely buy things he needs and wants with, without feeling guilty. He came home from Cebu with shoes for the boys instead.

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