Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nature Trip at Mambukal, Bacolod

Our first night in Bacolod was very wet so we just ordered takeout from L'Sea (yum!!!) and hubs and I had coffee and cake at C's.

The next day, we hired a taxi to take us to Mambukal Resort.

We left Yamee to nap with my cousin as we explored the resort

he would not be denied... despite the rain and the cold

hahaha... no one can contest that he's mine!

or that we're a family!

bats flying around gave me the creeps but they amazed Yakee

it was a lesson on Nature all throughout the day... as Yakee saw swallow nests...

and sulfur springs

Yakee had Momsy all to himself

first official trek for Yakee... and he was great until he slipped at the 3rd falls and didn't want to continue anymore

super loved this Manong who served as guide to us... despite being 7 decades older than my son, his hold on him was strong and true... his steps were sure... and man, was he strict with Yakee :D

best picture ever! :)

One crazy incident.

As we were about to leave the resort and head on to where our driver will pick us up, Yamee pooped. I told the others to go ahead and I will just follow. Unfortunately, I made a wrong turn and ended up in the long way to the pick-up point. It didn't occur to me till I have been walking so long and running in the rain, with Yamee.

I decided to take cover at the porch of one of the unoccupied rooms. I didn't have my phone with me so I was worried that hubs will be so worried.

It was raining so hard but the driver drove around and found us... hubs was really so upset because he was worried, but his relief at finding us was also just so great that he couldn't get mad at me. Or, he was mad but was just really thankful. I can't imagine how scared he felt, how helpless... and I love that he didn't scream at me and shake me to pieces after being found. Haha. I'd have endured it, mind you.

So, yeah. Never be without your cellphone (if there's recpetion, anyway).

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