Friday, June 29, 2012

For Want of Space

My sons get cabin fever when they're home so hubby and I really can't help but wish we had the means to build them a good home, preferably one with a yard and maybe a big and wide porch (like the one at their Marinduque rest house). I'd love granite floors or heavy wood ones too, something really solid that they can jump on and will stand wear and tear brought by bouncing, active boys. Found some floors to daydream about at BuildDirect's facebook page. I actually just want a spacious home, not something filled with things (except maybe picture frames and paintings).

I think I also really want a living roof, even if we already have a yard (hey, this is a dream, so might as well bespecific) where solar panels will alternate with plant pots. Not only will our home be cooler then, we'd also spend less on electricity and harvest our own food. And if I don't have a green thumb, the savings on electric bills can go to pay a gardener with a green thumb :D

I want a portion of the yard to have this high roof, preferably with plants again on its roof... and under that, we'll have a playground that's mostly monkey bars and balance beams... and a trampoline.


Yakee's school is planning to expand so it's also looking for  space. First of all, they need space for the kids to run around in inside the rooms... and outside too. Plus, space for a sand box. That's the biggest struggle of establishing Waldorf schools in the city, there is far less space and the cost per square meter is so high.

So, I guess i'll just pray that what will be, will be.. God willing. But oh, how happy every child will be if they have space to roam.

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