Thursday, July 19, 2012

Angels are AWOL

I am feeling so bad right now... I don't think  MyEmoticons will be able to convey how sad I am if I were chatting with a friend on Facebook. It's that sucky.

Let's start with yesterday. Yamee, in his desire to imitate his older brother, figured out a way to hitch himself up over the stairway railing at the other house... and slide down. He's really so proud of that accomplishment, and he was egged on by his older brother.

That should have been sufficient warning that he might try something new, and therefore miss a step. While going up the stairs with him last night, I was watchful. But for the last two or three steps, I decided he was fine and went ahead to turn on the lights and A/C in our bedroom... but before I was even two steps inside our room, I heard sounds by the stairs and the beginnings of a cry.

Poor Yamee fell down the stairs... and it seemed to me, he rolled off each step. Fast. His father had to pick him up at the landing, where he was a crying mess. (if I regale my sister with this tale, I think i'd be heavy-handed with the use of facebook chat emoticons... it was emotionally and psychologically draining!).

He wailed in anger and surprise mostly, I think, because within five minutes he was done crying and was cutely appealing to us to play Lego with him. That told me my son was okay... but we took him to the ER just the same. I don't even know what it says about me as a parent because the thought of x-rays and CT scans being done to a child who seemed okay to me was more abhorrent, but I still decided to heed hubby's desire to err on the side of caution.

But oh, we were lucky still. No signs of fracture at all and Yamee just played in and explored the ER. He was even very cooperative during the x-ray.

But why do I say now that my sons angels seem to be AWOL?

Because my sons were both a mess today. I understand we could all have some sort of trauma from what happened yesterday, but both boys just alternated crying. They also couldn't play together at all. Yamee kept bumping his head, taking a fall while walking, or bouncing badly off the bed. The last was an accidental push from his older brother that got Yakee spanked... shame on me though because Yakee was aghast the minute his younger brother hit his head on the floor.

And Yakee got hit by a stone on the forehead by Yamee... and got a gash on his right leg from a bike ride.

A part of me believes it's the allergies and the medicine... but I really felt that their guardian angels weren't working well since last night. Then, I also thought, was I too preoccupied with other things to be enveloping them with MY protection? Was I the non-performing angel?


I prayed so hard tonight for our angels to come back. It was a hard day today. God, help things be better tomorrow.

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