Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Education Plan

After weighing everything, hubs and I have decided on an education plan.

We will homeschool. Even if St. Michael offers Kindergarten next year.

Yakee will attend St. Michael till October but not return again for the next semester. Since there will be weddings and vacations in December anyway, it will really be a major upheaval in rhythm for us. But we will start with a Kindergarten Waldorf curriculum from Bearth Institute... which is why we're going to buy an oven too!

And then we will enrol Yakee  under TMA in June as well, because TMA is DepEd accredited and one of the few homeschooling providers whose students UP accepts. Plus, they have a program where a child can get internationally certified. We want those options for Yakee for now. But I really want to supplement everything with a Waldorf curriculum.

We considered unschooling and just using a Waldorf curriculum but I'm not sure i'm ready for that pressure and responsibility.

We want to support St. Michael but expect the tuition to be high... and for the same price, we could homeschool Yakee, enrol him in other classes (now that he officially has asthma, I'm thinking year-round swimming lessons may be in order) and also have money available so that Yamee and I can enrol in the parent-child program at St. Michael. Plus, this setup will minimize Yakee's contact with virus-ridden kids and address our sleepyhead problem in the mornings (though I also think we'd adjust the mealtimes and bedtimes, for sure).

Maybe we can re-consider residential Waldorf classes for Yakee for Grade 1... if we have more resources and if we haven't totally fallen in love with homeschooling. At least, there are enough enrichment classes and tutorial services (some trained  under los angeles tutors) to help us, should we need it. And hey, if we have more resources, i'd rather spend that on a house of our own or on field trips around the country/world :)

That is the plan. It really still won't be cheap but I find it promising and believe it will be very rewarding!

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