Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Best Is Yet To Come... For Us Blessed

What was supposed to be a wonderful reunion among cousins and siblings for hubby's side of the family turned out stressful, as they had to finally confront an issue they kept secret as well as other matters.

Then, Sunday was extra rainy and people from their home started manifesting signs of having a stomach bug. I started feeling sick while we were doing the groceries. Unfortunately, hubs also started feeling sick... but his wasn't just the stomach flu.

It was awful watching writhe in pain and feeling I couldn't help him because I was feeling too weak. He had to rush himself to the ER alone, under pouring rain, and I was sick enough to fall asleep soon after he left.

How's that for romantic and true love?

It turned out, he had kidney stones and one managed to get lodged in his ureter... which was causing the intense pain. He says, it was pure adrenaline how he got to Manila Doctors, and was tempted to lay down on the floor and writhe there when the nurses didn't deem his need urgent.

He was advised to undergo shockwave treatment for it, to dissolve the stones into tinier pieces that he'd hopefully pass through his urine (which hasn't happened!!!) and was admitted for pain. Unfortunately, due to a series of incompetence (from the doctor, nurses or Manila Doctors' system), his stay got extended another day and he was ready to claw on walls from boredom and frustration. In fairness to Manila Doctors, when I called their Customer Relations while hopping mad, they got moving and coordinating. They will still get a strongly-worded letter from me but the important thing is hubby's back to sleeping in our bed.

I told him... I felt like a child of separated parents must feel. I couldn't call our house home because he wasn't there. I kept worrying about him while I'm with the kids... and worrying about the kids when I'm with him. And through all that, I nursed an upset stomach and a throbbing headache (that only went away after I got a massive thump on the head while riding a jeep).

I know hubby is sad about the extra expenses for his meds... and the change in diet. I know he's also shocked about finding out he had kidney stones (and to find out about it like that). But together, I'm sure we can make the changes fun and meaningful. And I know I have to restrict along with him.

In the end, we're all complete in this bedroom and we're all safe. That's the only miracle I want. The rest, we can just make more beautiful.


Pappie, I did say... we should learn to live as diabetics before we need to. So, why not on a low cal/low uric acid diet? :)

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