Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blessed and Grateful Me

I have been down in the dumps for no real reason... and my family have suffered because of it. But leave it to Pappie to make me feel soooooo undeserving of their love (because they're sooo generous and sweet) and so grateful.

Pappie told Yakee they'd make paper crafts last Thursday night, to make up for the dinners that he missed so I had to give them different kinds of paper. I left them at their crafts project to steal some FB time upstairs when Pappie called me.

Something about his voice already told me he was trying to play it cool, and I was already smiling because I thought they made me a "cheer up" flower or card.

Yakee and Pappie started singing "You know we can't smile without you..." while swaying and showing me paper flowers (petals of which were the hand and foot prints of the boys, stems were Dee's Gourmet popcorn, haha) that said "We Love You". Super cute was Yamee swaying along (since he's still not conversant) with a shirt sleeve having fallen off a shoulder (so he looked 'kawawa') while hugging a gift (which I immediately knew was JKR's latest novel).

I sobbed. As in. Pappie has non-flattering pictures of me in tears. And I hugged, hugged Yakee tight because he's been the one receiving the biggest percentage brunt of my bad moods. I sobbed into my son's arms... how pathetic right? So, Yakee said, "Mommy we're the sweetest because we love you. Happy sad birthday."


Later on, he will ask me if I was proud that they were sweet :D

Hubs said he had to give me the gift already because I might buy it for myself... and that he was reacting to this:

I am soooo blessed. I thank hubby for the grand gesture which really lifted me up, and for teaching our kiddos to appreciate me (haha). But as always, he has just raised the bar... what the heck am I going to do for him for his birthday?!

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