Saturday, September 29, 2012

December Wedding Will See Us Sussed

My cousin and his gf decided to wed in December too... 10 days before our anniversary. And Yakee will be the coin bearer so we have to get a suit for him.

I thought it would be a brilliant idea if Yamee also came dressed up (but not with a jacket anymore, just a vest... because the darn wedding is at 11 AM) and that both our boys will be wearing their Chucks. All kinds of cute, right?

Hubs decided he'd wear his jacket and matching shoes as well... which leaves me wondering what I would wear.

First, I am seriously considering investing in shapewear because I already know I'd feel bad if all my bumps and lumps aren't tempered in the pictures. I have been Googling my options (currently checking out AnnetteOnline's seamless shapewear) and keeping an eye out in department stores. I really don't want to look matronic and older than my age for this wedding (it's a big event because the last one in my family was ours, and that was 7 years ago). I want to look nice and blissfully content :D

All my boys would be wearing black but I, as a wedding guest, cannot really wear that (in reference to all those who think it's not a nice color for weddings). I was thinking of just wearing my Eden Bento set in maroon because it's dressy enough for a lunch wedding. But I am also wondering if I should buy another blue dress/gown (I have a blue gown already, I don't think I can fit in there, haha). I am even thinking of risking buying an infinity dress and wearing that to the wedding as well. Of course, I'd need a special bra for that one too... and do I really want to generate all this expense? Haha.

Well, at least I have my fallback Eden wardrobe to save the day.     

I just hope we get a GREAT family picture taken on that day :)

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