Sunday, October 07, 2012

Boys Down from Asthma and Broncholitis

In a way, it's just delaying the inevitable. This is Yamee's third broncholitis episode and it is likely to develop into virus-induced asthma, just like what kept Yakee from school for two weeks. So, might as well call our second son asthmatic too... on top of having allergic rhinitis as well.


To say that the past two weeks have been difficult and exhausting will be an understatement, since I became sick as well... and on my birthday to boot. And we have been on allergy meds for heaven knows how many weeks already. The cost of those meds have eaten up a lot of our disposable income for nicer birthday celebrations, honestly.

I am considering homeopathy (and boosting the immune system through the use of Echinacea), I promise to buy more coco nectar and be more judicious about its use, I am considering putting both boys on probiotics again (I've even checked if all one multivitamin at Smarty Pants has these gummy variants with probiotics) and I have vowed on getting all of us regular massages (even maybe herbal steam baths!).

Because to be dealing with allergies and asthma all the time is just so exhausting and expensive anyway, I might as well invest in better defense possibilities.


Tomorrow, I need to buy yet another Prednisone syrup bottle and more Salbutamol nebules.

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