Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Upcoming Birthdays Stresses

First, there's the money. It's my fault for not budgeting well but we're really not able to save lately. Plus, all the allergy meds are taking away from our supposed living allowance.

Then, there's my crochet project to give away as Yakee's birthday souvenir to his friends. Let's just say that I may just have gotten the hang of the crocheted sack now... but not yet the filling part. And I have crocheted some 12 balls already... and must redo five, at least.

We also really haven't finalized how we're going to celebrate the birthday... the plan before was to bring the boys to the Robot Zoo at the Nido Discovery Center and then just have buffet dinner with hubs' family. With FIL's recent health crisis, I am not sure how feasible that would be.

And of course, nothing's planned for the November birthdays too... I've even told hubs how I won't have a gift for him.

I asked Yakee to ask his father to help him make a gift for me... but what Yakee thought of was to bake a cake for me. Good luck with us having an oven already by this time.


And man... have I got the birthday blues. And an unhappy wife and mom does not make for a happy Arevalo household.

The boys and the hubby are all wonderful and I know how blessed and loved I am... but I really have the blues so bad that I'd rather not engage with them because I cannot be loving and gracious.

Good thing that Yakee remembers that even when I am cross, I still love them (he says this aloud)... but it's so very unfair for them to have this cold Mommy around.


Double sadness when I think of how Yakee is turning 5 already... and Yamee is turning 2... my babies are just getting bigger and bigger.

Yep... I got the blues.

I do love you little ones, you know

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