Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Decluttering Problem

My brother left for a two-year contract in Singapore and my parents' home is now left with three bedrooms and only our helper to sleep there. My dad, of course, wants to declutter and reorganize and possibly employ the services of small movers to bring some of our old stuff (like the sewing machine, old clothes and appliances) to our home in Lipa. Yes, he wants to declutter here and clutter up there :)

Hubs and I are also now pressed to declutter and reorganize and let go of things because we really have to set up our homeschooling nook. Hopefully, we can let go of our desktop properly and the treadmill to make more room for study tables. Hopefully, we can also trade our plastic table (which hubs uses as office desk) for sturdy wooden tables that the boys can rough up without collapsing on us. Plus, we need tables that are very utilitarian since they would serve our play and study needs.

Yes... I am talking as if I already have concrete plans on how to homeschool, haha.

We also need more shelves for our books and are thinking of letting go of our old TV so we can get a space-saving, flat screen one.

And we really need to downsize the number of clothes and toys and shoes and what-nots in this house. Sigh.

It's good though that motherhood has actually helped me let go of material things. I used to hoard and keep every single receipt and stub and wrapper... but not anymore. I don't even have a chest full of my sons' clothes from their babyhood because I have donated and given away 98% of them. I think, I have only kept the ones hubby bought (and more as a testament to how he can be forced to shop).

Decluttering powers that be, come to me!

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