Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From November till January

The squabbling over who gets to do what, fighting over toys, tattling, the struggle over teaching them a sense of ownership, sharing and taking turns... And the frustration over thinking of how best to handle fights (and they've made up already and doing naughty things again) or trying to wait out a situation to resolve itself (but no magic happening).... All these are getting to me.

Help... Insights and inputs please. Tagging SigridLen, and Dine...

I sometimes believe I am very close to running away... Or giving them away (hehe, jokes are half meant?)


Hubs Jojo and Yakee talking.

Yakee: I want another baby boy.
Pappie: I want a baby girl.
Yakee: Ehhh.. I don't want a baby girl, I want another baby boy.
Pappie: Panganay, if it's not going to be a girl, let's not have a baby na lang.
Me: The two of you stop... I don't want another baby, girl or boy.

Kala mo nagtatalo lang sa ice cream flavor!


My sons are soooo lucky. They ended up getting lots of new toys from us and their grandma at the Rob Warehouse sale. So, I told Yakee we have to give away some of his old ones... aside from space issues, I don't want them to have too many toys that they're overwhelmed to do any meaningful play with any of it... and for them not to take care of them because there's so many others as backup.

Good luck to not being hit by toy arrows though... because Yamee was already hitting me with the nunchaku.


I asked God to give me the will power to slim down. He gave me a gallstone and fatty liver.

Next time, I will be more specific :D


Because Yamee was throwing a tantrum during lunch (and our attempts at comforting him or distracting him weren't amounting to anything), hubs and I decided we will just let him cry it out and we'd just comfort him after he's calmed down a little.

Yakee came to us brandishing a wooden sword, looking very upset. Then, on the verge of tears, he said, "I am angry to you. I take care of my brother but the two of you don't."

Yes.... sumbatan :D


Sadness... we have been looking forward to this weekend and planned a beach trip and stargazing for the boys. But now, no electricity in Batangas and signal No. 2... and Yakee's asthma was triggered by the change in weather... and even Yamee is warm :(


Excited, excited!!!

Thank you Pappie Jojo for agreeing to celebrate your birthday here... and let the boys have fun outdoors :)

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