Thursday, February 07, 2013

Project Income Generation

It might seem a little tacky to post/read about money-making ventures... and it's not like hubby and I are knee-deep in investments already. To make more money, however, is one of our more important targets this year.

Our one-income household's needs are growing. Sure, we are not currently paying a helper but our grocery and marketing expenses have gone up since I am trying to buy healthier (fish is more expensive than pork, and even veggies can amount to hundreds in one sitting). I also pay the laundromat to iron all our clothes now, just so it would be returned to us less contaminated by whatever it is that 'public' washing machines and dryers breed.

And then, there are days when I don't feel like cooking and get food delivered (in fairness to me, I have only ordered from KFC the past month).

So, anyway... back to generating more income.

The general target is to start investing better because bank deposits aren't really yielding much in terms of interest. I have joined Bo Sanchez' newsletter and am planning to start brushing up on Business Math terms again.

Hubs is trying to save more, so he'd have enough cash to invest (I believe, you can start investing for as low as P5,000 at Citiseconline?). If hubs' company only offers tax shields, we'd really have more money... but then again, we might be spending more too. And that isn't our goal.

I know I cannot commit to Odesk jobs what with chores and homeschooling and parenting on my plate (looking at the bright side, at least I don't have to check any income guide for paying income tax here in the Philippines) but I can declutter and sell at a ygroup's garage sale program. A P500 earning weekly will at least cover most of my laundry expense. Nice projection, isn't it?

And yes, maybe I can start courting friends for writing job leads... even for contributions to magazines again.

Hopefully, hubs and I will really commit to saving more, spending less and investing always. Happy Chinese New Year!

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