Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Coin Bearer

I am seriously playing catch up with my posts here... I know.

Anyway, last December 18, our eldest was coin bearer.

There were some stressful moments that led me having to let hubs take the rest of the entourage ahead without me, as we were running late. It will sound OA but I was really crying in the cab, super sad that I might not witness my eldest walking down the aisle... when he was only the coin bearer and I've seen him dressed already.

I dunno. I think it's a Mom thing.

And yes, for the life of me, I kept thinking of him someday getting married... and looking just as handsome... and sorta saying 'bye' to me forever as he cleaves to another woman.


while still in our hotel room
lining up at the back of the Church
walking forward as if he was dancing to a beat
heaven forbid me, but isn't he super handsome here?
the class picture of the 'eat my cherry' contest (we were the only married ones there, and Yakee just had to join the photo opp)
Hopefully... Yamee will play ring/coin bearer too in two years' time so we could use the expensive suit again :)

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Rocks said...

Mec..big boy na eldest mo and yes he's so gwapo!!! :)