Friday, April 05, 2013

Marinduque Family Bonding: Idyllic Days

Shall I just use pictures? :)

I was glued to this spot for all seven days... the best spot there is at my parents'-in-law's rest house (but yeah, the one in the pic is Pappie coz I was going to take a bath when I took this picture)

10 minutes into Day 1, Flapper was given to the kids. The next day, he was dead... due largely to overzealous boys who wouldn't give him peace.... so God intervened. Sorry, Flapper.

Yakee's version of exercise :)

Yamee seems to have grown an inch or too while we were there... suddenly, he looked less of a toddler and more of a little boy (and did he enjoy the water so much!)

undeniably my fave shot of the whole trip... Pappie was telling Yakee here about Longinus because we were going to watch a Pugutan play, which Yakee didn't like because he had to be told of a beheading :D

the only decent pic I have of our entire vacation

unfortunately for my boys, the kids near their age who will play with them are all girls

Day 3... the kids got crabs as pet. Yamee unintentionally killed two of them within minutes (sorry, crabs)

homeschooling moment... had the boys collect different leaves for us to compare :)

different kind of crab... met the same fate as the first ones (sorry, crabs)

I look sooo losyang but I love that this moment was captured... it's one of those many times when both boys would snuggle in the hammock with me and I'll just be singing to them. Pure bliss, I tell you.

I take better pictures, wouldn't you say? :)

second bonfire time... as Pappie struggled making the fire, Yakee pretended to be a warrior... and Yamee ate as much as he spilled of the marshmallows

I just really hope these times will stay stuck in our sons' memories :)  (Yakee dutifully collected dried sticks and driftwood for this fire)

Yakee was super excited about this halo-halo moment... but didn't like that the halo-halo they had didn't have nata, hehe

this time... I think no crab died :) this is called tipas, caught in the early morning and can be eaten (think crispy crablets)... scared me some though when I poured them on the floor (assumming they were already dead) and they all tried scampering off (eh they look a lot like fleas, haha, so I ran away)

too bad I don't have a pic of them napping at the adult tree house... but this is another fave shot

being outdoors all the time exhausts Bunso so... 

Every time we visit Marinduque, I feel so overwhelmed by feelings of luck and gratitude because it's hard not to feel RICH and BLESSED when you're there. And seeing the boys THAT happy was priceless. Truth be told, it was also a reprieve for me... as I said, I stayed glued on the hammock... we just hired someone to watch the boys and they generally forgot about us (except to show us every bug and stone and stick, of course).

It was the perfect setting for prayers of gratitude... for this crazy, striving family. The best is yet to come.

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Dorothy said...

Mec! PUmping the poso was so much fun when we were younger although konti lang pagod na. heheh