Sunday, April 14, 2013

For Want of Pets

Yakee and Yamee would always gape at the fishes in the aquarium where we occasionally buy cooked rice from. And a few days ago, Yakee asked where their pet snails were. Haha. I told him they died while we were away in Marinduque (I didn not elaborate anymore on how badly they smelled when I got to them) and he was adamant we get new ones.

Oh no, not again. I am not going to be taking care of 'their pets' for them again.

But it is really rather heartbreaking to see them longing and eager for dogs and cats and what-have-you's. Yamee would even drag a chair from our home to the neighbor's door so he can stand on it and look in on the neighbor's dog. And by golly, do I get scared they'd get scratched or bitten at the market place when we go because they keep going too near the stray dogs and cats they see.


Someday, I am resigned to the idea that I will be scouring the net for reviews and harassing friends for leads and recommendations. I promise, I am. But right now, I really just cannot handle taking care of more creatures.

Such a pity... when Yakee keeps coming up with really wonderful names for pets. I really wish I'd see him petting a cat named Lantern someday, and that we'd have a dog named Sirius.

Well, I promise... someday sons, you won't want for pets anymore.

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